Free Ebay Dynamic Store Categories Announcement

We are Master, all other gone away! Ebay Dynamic Store Categories We have processed 1200K+ SAAS requests for free ebay dynamic store categories script in January-March 2012 session. Yes! it is, 12,00,000+ SAAS request processed in the last 90 days and it is increasing rapidly. Quick Overview: Number of premium SAAS used by USA, Germany and UK ebay stores. Number ...

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WordPress plugin for WordPress Images upload to Facebook album

"WP Images to Facebook" is a Wordpress plugin to upload posts/pages/media library images to Facebook album. It is simple and easy to use wordpress plugin. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily generate Facebook album with WordPress photos. Features: Uses Facebook's API to instantly upload WordPress photo to Facebook albums. You can export all image from a ...

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Posts by Date Range- WordPress Plugin for Admin – WordPress Core Enhancement

Posts By Date Range - Wordpress Plugin for Admin The "Posts By Date Range" plugin makes post filterable by date. No boundary to filter post by month, you can search posts for any date or date range. It can filter any type of post/page/custom post type and then builds the necessary interface using Wordpress core functions to ...

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Solution of Joomla Error ‘the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid’

Problem: Countless folks get this error while they attempt to install Joomla! content management system - "Error: the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid" Solution # 1: Open php.ini file find this option setting - [code]error_reporting = E_ALL[/code] change the above setting to - [code]error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE[/code] Solution # 2: Install Joomla without installing sample ...

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Dynamic Ebay Store Categories – Free Version 2.0 released!

We have released updated version of our popular application "Dynamic Ebay Store Categories" with additional features and Store Feedback add-on. After several requests for and in free addition, we have included those ebay international market place in this release. You can now custom design your store with our unbeatable and unique ebay ...

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2011/12/14 API, Ecommerce, PHP Scripts, Popular Scripts And Applications, Web Applications, Web Tools One comment API access with PHP – PHP wrapper classes (former is competitor of ebay, amazon by Rakuten Group, Tokyo, Japan. Thousands of Wrapper, SDK, classes can be found for Ebay, Amazon etc. but the Before start to write the php wrapper classes, we have searched over internet and forums for existing libraries. Finally we have found that, there is no php ...

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Free online QR Code generator

What is  QR Code? QR codes are a well-known sort of two-dimensional barcode. They're also called "Hardlinks" or "Physical World Hyperlinks". QR Codes store as much as 4,296 alphanumeric characters of arbitrary text. This text can also be anything, including URL, contact information, a telephone number, even a poem. QR codes is ...

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Real time email verification tool – email address checker, ping mailbox!

Email checker, phone verifier, carrier finder Email Address Checker We need to validate email address by sending an email to visitor's mailbox with unique verification code / activation code. Sometimes we need to check email address on the fly, where no time is available to send confirmation message to visitor's mailbox. In this case, we cannot handle ...

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Optimize your website – better SERP results

What is is your google page speed score? Web application blog score is 89 (out of 100).  More score means better google ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Score is measured by 3 priority level. These are - High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority Check your site score now from - Google Page Speed Online If you found that  ...

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Free Electronic Business Card – vCard Generator

vCard Generator You can easily create your electronic business card by using our free tool vCard Generator. Please follow the steps to create your electronic business card. You can embed your photo in to it. You can download our vCard from here. Go to vCard Generator If you want to create personal electronic card, then go to Preference ...

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