HRM Solution

Kernel BD Corporation has developed HRM Solutions for large business providers and these applications are running successfully .

Some HRM Solution that are using worldwide
Web Solution
  • Attendance and Payroll Software System
  • Office Management System
  • Security Management System

Attendance and Payroll Software System

The Software "Hajirayan" has been designed and developed with the combinations of hundred of complex policies and requirements of deffrent garments and huse employee based companies and as a result the system becomes an indespensible part for the organizations within a very short time.

The Software has been using for more than ten (10) years in almost fifty(50) garments and several national and multinational organizations fulfiling their demands and needs. For it's easy operating and user friendly atmosphare, the Software already achieved remakable acceptance among customers accordingly. As the system is completely developed by our local programmers and designers, the supports and after sale serviic eactivities take part as soon as the customer turns towards us. Besides, the changes, alterations, customizations of the system always been looking after through telephone or internet.

Using the System with or without the integration of the digital devices, you can easily overcome the disappointments and anxieties you are experiencing for a long time. Your compliance issues and foreign buyer satisfaction are guaranteed.

Making the ID Cards using the Software system

Proximity:ID card Label on the sticker paper could be generated and pasted into the blank proximity ID Card. In this way you can create the cards for reusing facilities.

Barcode: If you are using the Barcode based devices, from the Software System you may create the complete laminating ID Cards very easily within a very short time, Just Print and Laminate.