Web consultancy

Web Solution Kernel BD Corporation provide a comprehensive web consultancy service either as part of a web build project or separately. Kernel BD Corporation's aim is to understand the needs of our clients and to work with them to develop an appropriate web strategy. Kernel BD Corporation pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships with the organisations with which Kernel BD Corporation work.
Over the years Kernel BD Corporation have developed an internal skill set and level of expertise that enables our clients to get the best of what the web can offer them. Kernel BD Corporation have extensive experience of working with organisations in which there are multiple stakeholder groups, drawing together a unified vision. Our experience has given us a "wide horizon" approach, helping us to identify potential issues during the planning stage so as to avoid over run, complications and added expenditure. Kernel BD Corporation have an in-depth understanding of all sides of the project life-cycle and understand how to avoid the major pitfalls and problems.
If you feel like it is time to update your existing website and are unsure of which direction to take? We can review your existing website, your website strategy and work with you to establish goals and objectives, potential deliverables and focus on providing added value and securing a return on investment.

A successful web strategy should comprise the following aspects

  • Evaluation of the current position
  • An assessment of core business aims
  • Creation of a vision for the new web strategy
  • The setting of goals and objectives
  • Defining deliverables and measurements of success
  • Outlining likely impacts on other aspects of the organisation(s)
  • Outlining a development path and timetable of immediate and future works

We can provide

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Idea formation
  • Site Audit
  • Web Strategy Input
  • Web Traffic Analysis
  • Technology analysis
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